Wireless Bridge NBE-5AC-GEN2 Pre-Configured Bundle of 2, Ubiquiti NanoBeam Point to Point Wi-Fi Bridge Outdoor, Plug and Play 450+ Mbps, 5 GHz, 10+ km Link Range Review

Price: $249.95
(as of Jun 21, 2024 16:21:14 UTC – Details)

Experience the ultimate in wireless connectivity with the Ubiquiti Networks NanoBeam NBE-5AC-Gen2 Wireless Bridge. Pre-configured for your convenience, this high-performance device offers a powerful 5GHz connection with speeds exceeding 450 Mbps, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission for your network needs. The NanoBeam NBE-5AC-Gen2 is designed for easy plug-and-play setup, allowing you to quickly establish a robust wireless link without the hassle of complex configurations. Its advanced technology provides excellent noise immunity and long-range capabilities, making it ideal for various applications, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the NanoBeam features a durable, weather-resistant design. Whether you’re extending your network across buildings, connecting remote locations, or providing wireless internet access to a large area, the NanoBeam NBE-5AC-Gen2 delivers exceptional performance and reliability. This comprehensive package includes 2 Paired NanoBeam M5 devices, 2 POE Injectors with power cords, 2 Pole and Wall mounts, and an easy-to-follow Installation guide.
PRE-CONFIGURED FOR CONVENIENCE – Ready to use out of the box with no complex setup required, Plug and Play.
HIGH SPEED PERFORMANCE – 5GHz connection delivering over 450 Mbps throughput for fast and reliable data transmission.
VERSATILE APPLICATIONS – Perfect for extending networks across buildings, connecting remote locations, or providing wide-area wireless internet access.
LONG-RANGE CAPABILITIES – Ideal for Point to Point and Point to Multipoint applications, covering extensive distances.
DURABLE AND WEATHER-RESISTANT – Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
ADVANCED NOISE IMMUNITY – Ensures optimal performance even in high-interference environments.

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