Wireless Bridge, Gigabit High Speed UeeVii CPE820 5.8G 1Gbps Point to Point WiFi Outdoor CPE with 16dBi High-Gain Antenna, Lang Range Up to 3KM, Plug and Play,24V PoE Power, IP65 Waterproof,2-Pack Review

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Point to Point WiFi Bridge

Just imagine these as an invisible ethernet cable.

Transmits the signal

Receive the signal

What is the UeeVii brand?

UeeVii with a simple mission: Share the same network with your garage, barn, neighbors,shop. As an emerging brand, UeeVii tries to find its own foothold in network products, CPE450 wireless bridge is the most popular product of the UeeVii and the best-selling product.

What is a wireless bridge?

It is equivalent to a network cable, transmitting network signals via wireless way.It uses wireless communication technology to transmit network data using air as a medium to carry out long-distance point-to-point or point-to-multipoint interconnection.

What can a wireless bridge do?

Extend the network to another building,can also extend your monitoring range.

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Security Monitoring Extend

Point-to-point extension of backyard monitoring range


Barn Network Solution

Point-to-point extension of the network to your barn, garage, shop.


I mounted mine to a 1.5” pole and then to a weatherproof box which was screwed to the side of my house and RV garage.

Installation Instructions for extending the signal from one point to another. I needed Wi-Fi in my RV garage which is about 150’ from my house. I was only getting 1 bar (if that) from my house Wi-Fi. It is unknown how the one on the RV garage will hold up in the Idaho summer. It faces south so it will get heated a lot.


Just imagine these as an invisible ethernet cable. I bought a set to get wifi to my brother’s barn which is 77 yards from his house according to his golf range finder.

I configured a wireless router I had laying around as an access point and plugged that into the receiver antenna. What that does in effect is give multiple devices access to the receiver antenna/internet. We’re streaming just fine in the barn with this unit.

CPE820 Gigabit wireless WiFi bridge is a 5.8G Long Range WiFi Extender Outdoor CPE with a digital tube display. Point-to-point pairing can be done by dialing without having to access the GUI, avoiding the complex setup program, saving much human work and cost, and making the long-range wireless coverage, data transmission, and wireless monitoring simple and professional.
1000Mpbs digital display wireless bridge, transmission/receiver automatic networking, support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, transmission/receiver flexible switching. WDS networking mode, video network dual compatible. The transmission speed between 2 bridges max is 1200Mbps. The highest network speed that can be achieved max is 433Mbpss.
1Gbps Wireless ethernet bridge conducted deep protocol optimization for wireless video surveillance transmission to ensure high-speed video transmission and smooth video surveillance, and the underlying wireless driver is optimized in-depth, using 5.8G IEEE 802.11ac single-band wireless transmission technology, with stronger anti-interference ability and better stability
Outdoor wireless bridges adopting low power consumption and high-performance design, the RF index and radiation index are in full compliance with national standards. Supports dynamic MIMO power saving mode (DMPS) and automatic power-saving transmission (APSD), supports 24V POE power supply, is easy to install and deploy, simplifies construction, safe and reliable. Automatically re-pair when power is restored after a power outage.
Point to point wireless bridge built-in 16dBm directional antenna, maximum 27dBm can automatically power adjustment to adapt to environmental changes, ensuring smooth video regardless of ultra-close distance, transmission distance up to 3km(Barrier-free), actual application distance should be less than 3KM.FCC ID: 2A6EJ-CPE450

Customers like the performance, ease of installation, speed and signal strength of the networking router. For example, they mention it works better than expected, it’s easy to setup with no additional configuration needed and that it has high bandwidth with low latency. That said, some complain about the antenna and material.

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