Wall Mount Holder for EERO Max 7 mesh WiFi Router Sturdy and Durable Aluminum Alloy Wall Bracket for EERO Max 7 No Messy Wires Space Saving Stable EERO Router Protection (White-1Pack) Review

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Product Description

EERO Max 7 Wall-Mounted Bracket: Enhance Your WiFi Experience

EERO Max 7 Wall-Mounted Bracket: Enhance Your WiFi ExperienceEERO Max 7 Wall-Mounted Bracket: Enhance Your WiFi Experience

Elevate your EERO Max 7 tri-band mesh WiFi router system with our wall-mounted bracket for EERO Max 7 .

This practical and stylish accessory is the perfect solution for optimizing your WiFi coverage and reception in both home and office environments.

Our bracket allows you to mount your EERO Max 7 router vertically on the wall, ensuring an ideal position for maximum performance. By elevating your router, it minimizes interference, enhances signal strength, and broadens coverage, ensuring a strong, reliable WiFi connection throughout your space.

Seamless Intelligent Design,Space-Saving Solution

Seamless Intelligent Design,Space-Saving SolutionSeamless Intelligent Design,Space-Saving Solution

Our wall-mounted bracket features strategically placed vents on the bottom. These vents ensure proper heat dissipation, maintaining optimal airflow to keep your device cool and running smoothly. This intelligent design helps to maintain the longevity and performance of your router.

The minimalist design of the bracket complements any decor without taking up unnecessary space. By mounting your EERO Max 7 on the wall, you free up valuable surface area, creating a neat and organized environment.

Installing your router on the wall not only improves its performance but also protects it from potential damage. Keep your EERO Max 7 safe from spills, wire-related accidents, and other hazards that can occur on flat surfaces.


Material: Aluminum alloy

This wall mounted stand for EERO Max 7 is only compatible with EERO Max 7.

(Not compatible with other EERO models.)

Package Includes:

1 Pack: 1 x aluminum alloy mounting bracket, 3 x screws, 3 x expansion bolt

2 Pack: 2 x aluminum alloy mounting bracket, 6 x screws, 6 x expansion bolt

3 Pack: 3 x aluminum mounting bracket, 9 x screws, 9 x expansion bolt

Note: EERO Max 7 Mesh wifi device not included.

【Premium Material】The wall mounted bracket for EERO Max 7 is crafted from high-strength alloy, which is built to last. It offers robust support for your EERO Max 7 router without hindering WiFi signal propagation, ensuring stable and reliable connectivity throughout your space.
【Easy Installation】Installing the EERO Max 7 router is a breeze with the included mounting screws. Simply align the support holes with the wall screw holes, and secure the screws using a screwdriver. It’s a quick and straightforward process, perfect for any skill level.
【Space Saving】Optimize your space and WiFi performance by mounting your EERO Max 7 on the wall. This wall bracket for EERO Max 7 eliminates floor clutter and allows you to neatly wrap excess cables around the back, ensuring a clean and organized setup while enhancing signal strength.
【Easy to Use】 Designed for convenience, this wall mounted holder for ERO Max 7features network cable holes that provide easy access to all ports. The stand also includes bottom vents to ensure optimal heat dissipation, keeping your router cool and functioning efficiently.
【Minimalist Design】 With its sleek and simple design, this wall mount bracket for ERO Max 7 seamlessly blends into any home or office decoration. It provides a tidy and elegant look, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space while securely holding your EERO Max 7 router.

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