URIZONS Bluetooth Ear Clip Headphone Wireless On Ear Earphones – Open air Conduction Sports TWS Earbuds with Mirror Digital Power Display USB C Charge case for Gaming/Sporting – Black

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Product Description

colorful earbuds and cablescolorful earbuds and cables

About URIZONS Bracelet Headphones


URIZONS, as a professional earphone provider, which offers a series of fashion decorative stereo earphones and USB cables

The Thread-Wrapped Fashion Earphones/USB cables is colorful, fun and cool, these fashionable and high quality earphones are available in an assortment of fashion-forward colors that will never go out of style!The earphones feature a unique threaded design which ensures your earphones won’t get tangled, this eliminates the frustration of looking for your headphones from the bottom of your bag or pocket.Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung ,Laptop , PC computers, MP3/MP4 and CD players plus tablets, Android smartphones with 3.5mm plug, and handheld gaming devices.It can be wrapped on your hand as a bracelet or wears on our neck as necklace.Suitable for a nice gift for your kids or your friends family etc.


bracelet headphonesbracelet headphones


High Definition Sound

Heavy bass speakers with in line mic control

all well inspected before ex-factory

How To Put On Your Hand

Wrap cords around wrist

Connect the magnet from the jack plug to the pair of magnet buckles from ear-buds,Done!

This patented locking design achieved a tangle-free and secure fit!

So Cool and Stylish

Providing a bright, convenient, fashion-forward way to carry your earbuds wherever you go.

Just wrap them around your wrist or neck then you’re ready to go.

earbuds for kids earbuds for kids

Nice Gift For Your Kids

Taking practicality to a whole new level whilst adding a fashion statement, The necklace earphones is completely and permanently WEARABLE!

Gifts for kids/Gifts for girlfriend/Gifts for mother/Gifts for boyfriend/Gifts for couple/Gifts for women/Gifts for teens……….

When Christmas day, Valentine’s Day……..It’s DEFINITELY a cheap, affordable, practical, awesome, cool and cute gift., Greatest valuable gift for your budget!!

Our Advantages!

bracelet earbudsbracelet earbuds

Food grade EVA carry caseFood grade EVA carry case

gaming headsetsgaming headsets

TWS earbudsTWS earbuds

Bracelet earbuds for couples

this earbud can be wear on the wrist,hand in hand with your couples on the street eye-catching

Food grade silicon carry case

this earbud is packed with a food grade silicon carry case,well protecting your earbuds

Wristband headphones for sports

handmade rope earphones can be put on your hand when you are doing sport or running or walking and never get lost

Heart shape TWS Earbuds

Heart shape TWS earbuds

Silicon String for hang

Rotate design

Gift for your lovers!!!

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4.2 out of 5 stars

4.2 out of 5 stars

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for iphone 11/12/13 bracelet earphone Heart shape TWS Earbuds USB C earbuds + C cable 2packs for any phone case Type c heaphones

Colorful your mobile phone accessories, Highlight your mood

colorful earbuds and cablescolorful earbuds and cables

Smart Product Design for Better Living

URIZONS mainly produce thread braided earphones and USB charging cables for more than 10 years,I am the owner of URIZONS

I am a forgetful person, my earphones always get disappeared after a period of time use, so I have to buy a new one, which bothers me a lot

I find that my wired headphones will get dirty very easily, especially the white corded earphones, and they can’t be cleaned, I’m very frasturated on this.

I also noticed that my wired earbuds often don’t know where to keep with, in my pocket it’s a mess not tangle free and it takes a few minutes to sort it out before I can enjoy the music.

Based on above headaches, I made up my mind to solve these three problems. one client by chance sent me a picture of handmade wrapped woven earphone picture, which opened my mind and inspired me.

I go to local market to sort out spare parts. It took me several months to made the testing and after continuous improvement, I finally developed a machine that can wrap the sewing thread around the ear buds. It just looks like wear a clothes on the earplug it is funny and colorful and stylish never boring any longer.

Meanwhile, I added on 2 sets of magnet clips on the earphones and found that earphones are not easy to lose because it can be put on my hand or take it off easily! It is a bracelet or necklace too.

I think such a good wraps craft design should be shared with friends all over the world, so everyone can share my achievement on this. The purpose of producing this kind of headset is to hope that everyone can spend more time on enjoying the lovely music instead of upset on earphone itself.

After several years of accumulation and development, we have widen our products to braided Bluetooth headphones, Braided USB charging cable, mobile phone lanyard, glasses lanyard, AIRPODS anti-lost rope, normal bracelet and anklet, even dog leash, etc.

1. One of the buyers said like below:

My five year old son goes through these things like crazy. If it has a traditional headset he sits on it and cracks it, if it has rubber ear pieces he pulls them off and loses them, if it has thin wires he chews on them and they stop having sound (we wouldn’t even consider wireless because they would be lost in minutes). If we could get a week of use out of them, that was an accomplishment. So it came down to just not buying any more of them (which requires some portion of my day listening the most obnoxious youtube kids shows imaginable), or finding something that would hold up to the trouble (and I get a few minutes of peace during the lock-down). We have had these for over a month, and they are still in working order after plenty of time. We don’t really use the microphone, but as far as the sound working and being of decent quality, they are great. They are really loud, and I have to be careful to turn down the volume before I let my son have his device or they’ll blast his eardrums. My teenager (who has expensive earphones) wants a pair because she likes that the cord never gets tangled. They were worth the value just for helping me escape the sound of ryans toy review, and the numerous other shows that were created with the purpose of torturing grown-ups.

2. The other one buyer said like below:

Awesome material. This rope material makes these headphones less tangled and easy to access. It came with a covering which was awesome although wasn’t expected. The sound quality is so good and I am so happy I purchased

URIZONS aims on to make life that little bit easier, A range of unique tech based products designed to benefit your everyday lives

Enjoy together with URIZONS for a better life!

[Non in Ear Design]The open ear design of the workout headphones can help you always understand the surrounding environment. Whether you are walking, running, or riding with the sport headphones, you can always pay attention to the surrounding environment, which is very safe.
[Lightweight and no pain]The Open ear headphones adopts the latest clip-on ear style, transmits sound through vibration, and uses the latest skin-friendly materials. There is no problem in wearing the sport headphones for a long time, and there is no need to worry about long video conferences and sports.The open ear earbuds are so light that you’ll forget they’re there after wearing them for so long.
[Fast charge and long battery life]The open ear headphones can play continuously for 4-5 hours, and after 1.5 hours of full charge, it can play for 50 hours with a mini charging box. Hidden little secret, the open ear headphones charging box can charge your mobile phone, saving you the worries that your mobile phone will be out of power when you are away.
[One-Step Pairing]: After first connection, these wireless earphones will connect with your device once you open the charging case, which is faster and more convenient. During using, you can touch either earbud to control the phone, such as the music switch, volume adjustment, phone calls, voice assistant, etc. No need to adjust through your mobile phones.
[Charging cable ] USB C fast charging cable included and digitial power display, it is convenient for you to charge the TWS earbuds intime.

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