The eero Pro Genie for eero Pro 6E and eero Pro 6 Wall Mount Outlet Holder Stand (2-Pack) | Lowest Profile | Open Access | Multiple Install Options | Reinforced Support | Horizontal Outlets Review

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Product Description

Mount GenieMount Genie

Eero Geenie Pro for New Eero 6 ProEero Geenie Pro for New Eero 6 Pro

The eero Genie Pro for New eero 6 PRO Wall Mount Outlet Holder StandThe eero Genie Pro for New eero 6 PRO Wall Mount Outlet Holder Stand

Simple and Easy to Use Installs in about 10 seconds Sleek design – looks great anywhere Takes up minimal space Great for any room in the house Built in cord storage with original cord groove organizer Portable design – easy to move anywhere Works on horizontal outlets Use with the eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E

Eero Genie Pro for the new eero 6 Pro Make your smart home clutter-free

The versatile outlet mount designed in the USA to make installing your eero 6 Pro WIFI system a snap and reduce cord clutter.

Why Mount Genie is the Best

Installs upside down or right side upTakes stress off power adapterNo messy cordsLow profileDesign winnerCompatible with eero Pro 6 and the new eero Pro 6E (released 2022)

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Installation Method
Plugs into electrical outlet Plugs into electrical outlet In wall installation. Requires some work Attaches to existing outlet cover In wall installation. Requires some work. Plugs into electrical outlet

Type of Outlet Required
Vertical or Horizontal Outlet Vertical or Horizontal Outlet Any outlet within 10 feet Vertical or Horizontal Outlet No outlet required Vertical or Horizontal Outlet

Cord Management
Uses existing cord Uses existing cord Includes a 10′ extension cord Built in cord storage – up to 10 foot cords Space to run cords through Built in cord storage

Easily Portable

No, mount sits in wall No, requires cover plate to be removed No, mount sits in wall

Compatible Product
eero Pro 6, eero Pro 6E eero 6+, eero 6, eero Mesh Wifi The Show 5 All small electronics up to 1 pound Almost any electrical device Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Color Options
White White White White White or Black White or Black

The eero Genie is the only mount that includes our patented plug adapter which adds a “dummy” ground prong to help support you eero Pro 6 or eero Pro 6E. This is a “must have” for the heavier Pro model of eero!
Our custom eero approved silicone band attaches the Eero Pro 6/6E to the Eero Genie allowing the cable access to face up, down, left or right for the easiest access preventing interference
The eero Genie Pro mount uses the cord that comes with your Eero Pro and wraps it neatly around our patented “Cord Groove Organizer”
Can easily be moved from room to room, unlike all the other mounts on the market which require permanent placement.
Please see below for The eero Genie 6 – designed for the “non-pro” model!

Customers say

Customers like how easy it is to install the portable electronic device mount. They say it’s simple to use and works great right out of the box. Customers are also impressed with the performance, saying it works very well. However, some customers have mixed opinions on appearance, quality, fit, stability, value, and signal strength.

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