Natural Law in the Spiritual World: Henry Drummond’s Reflections on Spirituality (Best Motivational Books for Personal Development (Design Your Life))

Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond: A philosophical exploration of the intersections between science, religion, and spirituality. Drummond examines the concept of natural law in the context of the spiritual world, drawing connections between scientific principles and spiritual truths. Key Aspects of the Book “Natural Law in

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A renowned psychic medium teaches us how to recognize and interpret the life-changing messages from loved ones and spirit guides on the Other Side. “A collection of incredible stories . . . that speak to the universe’s endless capacity for magical moments.”—goop Laura Lynne Jackson

Habits of Successful People: 50 Bestsellers in Infographics: 50 Self-Development Books on Success and Healthy Habits in One (50 Best Books on Personal … in Infographics. Self-Help Books 50 in 1)

Habits of Successful People: 50 Bestsellers in Infographics is a comprehensive self-help guide emphasizing “must-have” practices and soft skills to achieve success. We spend roughly half of our lives in habit mode. As a result, many of our daily actions and decisions result from ingrained habits that we often didn’t

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

In 1993, John C. Maxwell’s now-classic work revolutionized the way leaders are made. By examining the differences between leadership styles, Maxwell outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others from any type of leadership position – including as a business executive, a church leader, a teacher, or even a parent.