Skyrockets Festivals of Fire Party Game – Card Game – English Version

Price: $29.95 - $25.95
(as of Jun 11, 2024 16:36:20 UTC – Details)

“Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey through the world of magical fireworks with Skyrockets: Festivals of Fire by Floodgate Games. As the Mage Academy takes a summer break, take the opportunity to explore the secrets of “Magical Recreational Aerial Explosive Devices and You, Volume I.” Get ready to light up the sky with enchanting performances that will amaze the audience! In Skyrockets, each player strategically plays cards and manages matching hourglass (representing fireworks) to create a seamless and stunning spectacle. The goal is to progress along the countdown track without any of the hourglass running out. Can you make the show smoothly and win the audience for you? Work together with your fellow magicians to master 30 unique challenges in 10 festivals. Reveal the magic of fireworks with every event and earn a coveted three-star rating from an impressive audience. From your very first training session armed with the dangerous but exciting book, what could go wrong in your pursuit of the perfect idea?”
30 unique events: Meet a variety of challenges as you progress through 10 festivals, each offering a unique and exciting experience.
Real-time voltage: Play cards and manage hourglass at the same time to sync the fireworks show flawlessly as you progress along the countdown track.
Play together: Team up with your fellow magicians to master challenges and ensure the success of each festival, while impressing the audience with your magical skill.
Dreister-reviews: Strive for perfection and earn Dreister-reviews for your demonstrations that showcase your masterpiece of magical arts.
Inspired by Kites: Time to Fly: Inspired by the hit game Kites: Time to Fly, Skyrockets offers a fresh and enchanting perspective on cooperative real-time gameplay and promises endless excitement for players of all levels.

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