Sensibo Sky, Smart Wireless Air Conditioner Controller. Quick & Easy DIY Installation. Maintains Comfort with Energy Efficient. Automatic Wifi Thermostat Control App. Google, Alexa and Siri Compatible Review

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Smart ACSmart AC

Sensibo Smart AC: The Ultimate Solution for Energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Wellness

Control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime, and increase your level of comfort at home.

Save on energy billsImprove air qualityElevate your comfort

Sensibo SkySensibo Sky

Sensibo Sky

Transform Your Air Conditioner into a Smart Device with Sensibo Sky!

The device that pays for itself. Maximize comfort and savings

Sensibo AirSensibo Air

Sensibo Air

Upgrade Your AC Control with Sensibo Air

The Next Generation of Smart Cooling and Heating, For Unparalleled Comfort and Efficiency

Sensibo Air PROSensibo Air PRO

Sensibo Air PRO


Elevate your comfort & improve air quality. Take control of your environment today!

Air Quality ManagementAir Quality Management

Air Quality Management

Breathe new life into any indoor space with unparalleled air quality monitoring and air purification control straight from your phone.

Detect harmful airborne contaminants in your air and protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous gases, dust, wildfire smoke, and allergens. Our products helps reduce headaches, improve focus, and ensures you breathe safer air.

Sensibo PureSensibo Pure

Sensibo Pure

Protect yourself from airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores, VOC’s and other pollutants that can cause adverse health effects.

Air Quality ManagementAir Quality Management

Sensibo Elements

Monitor Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality From Your Phone. Live air quality scores, pollution readings & alerts

SMART AC CONTROL – Turn your existing air conditioner or your mini split / ductless / heat pump system into a smart AC, reducing your cooling bills by up to 40%! The smartphone app allows you to take any remote controlled AC unit and have it maintain a comfortable home temperature from anywhere. This lightweight unit is only 3.2” X 2.2” X 0.8”, is wall mounted and comes in eco friendly packaging.
EASY SETUP – Simply plug in your Sensibo Sky, connect to WiFi, launch the app, and enjoy a smarter, connected environment. Sensibo Sky connects with all remote controlled AC units in addition to smart home devices such as Google, Alexa, and Siri for use from your phone or desktop apps. Works with window AC, Mini Split/Ductless ACs or heat pumps and portable ACs. (Doesn’t support Bluetooth)
SMART FEATURES – Geofencing activates your air conditioner, or any remote-controlled AC unit before you arrive and turns off when everyone leaves. Climate React scans both temperature and humidity, using a dual setpoint to maintain a comfortable ‘real feel’ temperature, never letting the room get uncomfortable. 7-day full week programming, conditional programming and voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, Siri and others.
EASY TO USE – Sensibo Mobile (Android & iOS) and Web Apps for PC and Mac make it easy to control your home’s temperature from anywhere. Set unique temperature and humidity preferences for any room remotely or use the 7 days scheduler.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Sensibo, the smart air conditioner or window ACs controller company is a leader in home comfort. We work hard to ensure that all you need to do is define your comfort zone and our customer support team is always available, making sure you and your home are comfortable all year round.
TIME Magazine’s TOP BEST INNOVATION for 2023 – Sensibo received special recognition for its pioneering role as the world’s first intelligent AC and Heat Pump controller with indoor air quality monitoring.

Customers like the features and ease of setup of the air conditioner. For example, they mention it has a schedule feature, it has detailed features, and it’s easy to use. Customers are also impressed with the controls, saying they can control the unit fully from an app. They also like the performance. That said, some complain about connectivity and temperature settings.

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