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SAT Vocabulary Edition

Study for the big test with these fun and challenging conversation starters using SAT/ACT level words for high school students or anyone else who wants to improve their vocabulary!

Example Card:

Are magnanimous people happier in life?

Function: Adjective

Definition: Having or showing a generous and kind nature (a magnanimous donation to the town’s animal shelter)

Synonyms: Gallant, greathearted, noble

Talk. Laugh. Learn. Each deck features 150 thought provoking questions Suitable for ages 12 and up Perfect for families, couples, parties & travel

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$15.25$15.25 $15.25$15.25 $15.25$15.25 $15.25$15.25 $15.25$15.25

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Test your knowledge of superstitions, myths & legends and then see if you can figure out which ones are actually true Explore the story behind 150 popular urban legends that have stood the test of time These cards based on common misconceptions will truly challenge what you believe to be true Challenge your knowledge with 150 questions that will stretch your imagination & expand your understanding of the world we live in Featuring a fun multiple-choice format, the front of each card asks a question, while the back reveals the answer along with a fascinating fact about each location Test your knowledge of British, Irish & Australian slang with questions about common phrases you’ve probably never heard of before

About Word TeasersAbout Word Teasers

VOCABULARY FLASH CARDS: Prepare for the PSAT & SAT and get a higher score with these vocabulary flashcards & conversation cards. Students can study words that may appear on the SAT, build their vocabulary, & improve their reading and writing skills
150 VOCABULARY WORDS: Each card asks an interesting question using a vocabulary word that will prepare students by getting them talking & learning about the keyword. The back of each card features the definition, pronunciation and function of the vocabulary word
GREAT LEARNING TOOL: The flash cards can also be used as conversation starters so that students can practice using the vocabulary words in context. Students can practice their reading, writing & social skills all in one card game
TAKE THEM ANYWHERE: High schoolers can take this card game with them to study for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT & start new conversations wherever they go! Toss the cards in a backpack or take them on a road trip for a fun vocabulary game!
PERFECT GIFT: Word Teaser card games make great gifts for any occasion!

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Customers like the vocabulary and quality of the flash cards. They mention that it’s an effective way to learn vocabulary words, and a fun way to review and remember SAT vocabulary. Opinions are mixed on the entertainment value.

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