SAMSUNG 27-Inch M5 (M50D) Series FHD Smart Monitor with Streaming TV, Speakers, HDR10, Gaming Hub, Multiple Ports, Workout Tracker, Vision Accessibility Tools, LS27DM500ENXGO, 2024

Price: $279.99
(as of Jun 12, 2024 01:39:07 UTC – Details)

Samsung’s Smart Monitor M5 (M50D) is an all-in-one streaming TV and desktop monitor. Stream content directly from the monitor or tune into live TV channels. Maximize your multitasking using a single mouse & keyboard across devices. The Samsung Gaming Hub allows instant gameplay from top streaming partners with no PC or console needed. Workspace gives you faster, easier access to your work tools, and multiple ports including USB-C, eliminates the need for adapters. SmartThings IoT hub is an easy way to manage devices in different rooms, without pausing entertainment.
¹Features, services and app availability may vary by country and region. Samsung TV Plus and Universal Guide may not be available in some regions. Some features may require separate subscriptions. The user interface is subject to change without notice. Smart Monitor does not include a TV tuner, which is not necessary for streaming apps. Internet connection is required. Remote control specifications vary by country and region. Keyboard and mouse control compatibility varies by app. Access to the full range of smart features, such as network-based services, applications (including games and streaming services), and smart home functionality requires a Samsung account. Without logging in, functionality is limited to external devices, e.g. via HDMI. ²Gaming Hub is available in limited countries, with app availability differing by country. UI is subject to change without prior notice. Accessing Gaming Hub is free of charge. Subscription may be required to access content offered by game-stream providers on the Gaming Hub. You may need to download apps depending on the game or service. A separate controller may be required depending on the specific game you are playing on the Gaming Hub. Requires internet connection. ³On-screen content simulated for demonstration purposes. Microsoft 365 requires a Microsoft account. Some features of Microsoft 365 require a subscription.

ACCESS TO OTT CONTENT: Stream OTT content directly from monitor or tune into Samsung TV Plus¹ to get live TV channels & on-demand content at no cost; Need to make the most out of a small space or want a 2nd TV? The Smart Monitor is the best choice
WHERE GAMING COMES TOGETHER: Samsung Gaming Hub is the ultimate home for gaming; Instantly play the biggest games from top streaming partners, with no PC or console needed; Discover new games or replay old favorites all in one place²
EASIER ACCESS TO YOUR WORK TOOLS: Access & control your PC remotely or work directly on the monitor; Embedded productivity apps like Microsoft 365 let you bypass the PC for a simpler, streamlined working environment³
1 MOUSE & KEYBOARD ACROSS DEVICES: Maximize multitasking by controlling multiple devices with one mouse and keyboard; Seamlessly drag & drop content across the Smart Monitor, a Galaxy Tab & Galaxy mobile device, streamlining your workflow⁴
MULTIPLE CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR DEVICES: Connect easily and create your customized setup using HDMI and USB-A ports without any adapters; Plug in to charge, transfer or create your ideal multiscreen station
SIMPLE CONTROL FOR YOUR SMART HOME: See all your smart home devices in a new 3D Map View, for an easier way to manage devices in different rooms; See energy, usage and costs by device & save money by turning on energy-saving modes⁵
MONITOR YOUR WORKOUTS: Stream workout content or run your own workout while watching TV on the Smart Monitor; Pair your Galaxy Watch to track real-time health data on the screen, while keeping streaming content on⁶
DESIGNED FOR LOW VISION USERS: Designed with accessibility in mind, it comes equipped with tools that help low vision users see and use the screen more easily, including screen magnification, color switching and audio descriptions for TV settings⁷

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