Point to Point Wireless Bridge with Mount for Starlink Internet, 2KM Outdoor 5.8G Network WiFi Bridges Extender CPE Access Point with 12DBi Antenna 2 100Mbps LAN Port 24V PoE Power Adapter 2-Pack Review

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bluedery wireless bridgebluedery wireless bridge


BLUEDERY brand is rising rapidly in the market of wireless network..

What is the BLUEDERY brand?

BLUEDERY is committed to: Being a new brand, our technicians have been committed to bring cost-effective wireless bridges to users who need them. Help more people save money on extending the network.

What is a wireless bridge?

It is equivalent to a network cable, transmitting network signals wirelessly, using wireless communication technology, using air as a medium to transmit network data, supporting long-distance PTP/PTMP.

Practical application

Extend the network to other buildings, such as garage, barn, store, shop. It can also extend your monitoring range.

Wireless Bridge

Wireless Bridges & Accessories

wireless bridge access pointwireless bridge access point

First impressions: Sturdy, well-made. Look like they will actually stand up well to weather.

In my initial tests, going only 20 feet or so indoors. The devices set up right away out of the box, and sync up very quickly – no changes made to the settings.– Update already – re-started these – looks like a different internal channel was auto-selected by the device and I’m now getting over 85MBit speed.


These units are fantastic. I purchased them to replace the U units that were damaged in a hail storm. Much less expensive and much easier to setup. They provide internet to my shop which is about 1/4 mile from the house.

The instructions recommend setting your router to and although they will work without changing the IP address. I highly recommend these units for their value and simplicity.


Wireless Network Solution

Point-to-point extension of the network to your barn, garage, shop.

The Bluedery CPE220 Starlink network bridge is a 5.8G Long Range WiFi Ethernet bridge with a digital display. It is compliant with the 802.11a and 802.11n standards to ensure compatibility. Point-to-point pairing can be easily achieved by dialing without the need to access the GUI, eliminating the requirement for complex setup programs. This simplifies long-range wireless coverage, data transmission, and wireless monitoring, saving time and costs while upholding a professional standard.
Easy Setup with Mounting Bracket: This wireless bridge point-to-point outdoor comes with pole and wall mounting kits, making installation a breeze. Simply attach the wireless bridge to the kickstand and secure it to a pole or wall using hose clamps and screws. Connect both WiFi bridges to PoE adapters with Ethernet cables, power on the devices, and wait for them to automatically pair and connect. The “Link” green LED indicator will illuminate once a successful pairing is achieved.
5.8GHz WiFi Band: This wireless bridge supports the 5.8GHz band, offering a clear channel free from interference signals for a stable network transmission with minimal disruptions. Press the RST button to easily switch channels and optimize performance. It functions effectively as a long-range outdoor WiFi network extender.
Long Range Transmission Distance: When connecting both outdoor Wireless Bridges to the PoE power adapter, they will automatically pair without the need for complex configurations on a computer. In point-to-point mode, this bridge can be used for long-range video surveillance, Starlink wifi extender, and internet network sharing. The master bridge creates a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing users to access and extend Wi-Fi coverage up to 1.2 miles in a 60-degree angle in the front direction.
Point-to-Multiple-Point Mode: This mode is ideal for video surveillance DVR systems to receive IP camera video streams from various buildings or locations. The master bridge connects to the DVR system, while the slave bridges connect to the IP cameras. This network bridge, also referred to as a long-range Wi-Fi outdoor wireless access point extender, allows you to consolidate IP cameras from different buildings into one system without the need for wiring.
Wide Range of Applications: This outdoor wireless bridge is suitable for Point-to-Point/Multi-Point connections for elevator monitor networks. It connects an IP wireless camera to a secondary port and utilizes its long-range connectivity to transmit video through the wireless network for extended coverage. This long-range wireless bridge is extensively used in various venues.
Designed for Outdoor Wi-Fi Coverage: The IP66-rated weatherproof housing ensures continuous operation in harsh outdoor environments or extreme climates. This outdoor wireless bridge, also known as a WiFi access point extender, can be utilized in any setting, providing lightning protection, waterproofing, dustproofing, antifreeze properties, and high-temperature resistance. The secondary Ethernet port can power an external device, such as a PoE security camera, for seamless IP video integration.
Plug & Play: The CPE220 is powered by a 24V PoE adapter (included) and supports dial pairing without the need to access the GUI. The bridges come pre-configured, simply connect the PoE power supply for automatic pairing of the two bridges. It can help extend your home network to a second building and is also ideal for monitoring purposes.
Solar Panel Power Supply: This point-to-point wireless bridge supports solar panel power supply and can be powered by plugging into a DC 5V socket. The minimum current requirement is 500MAH, making it convenient for outdoor use when there is no power supply available.
Starlink Satellite Internet Gen 2 & Gen 3 Compatibility: This point-to-point wireless bridge extends Starlink router signals to another location using the 5.8G band (requires Starlink Ethernet adapter for Gen V2). It simplifies sharing your Starlink internet access across multiple locations in remote areas, serving as a fantastic addition to your Starlink mesh node setup.

Customers like the ease of installation and signal strength of the networking router. For example, they mention it works great out of the box, and provides internet to their shop.

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