Moen 900-001 Flo Smart Water Monitor and Automatic Shutoff Sensor, Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector for 3/4-Inch Diameter Pipe Review

Price: $499.98 - $421.99
(as of Jun 22, 2024 19:35:17 UTC – Details)

Bring smart plumbing to your home with the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. The Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff is a smart home water security system that provides 24/7 protection by monitoring for water leaks—some as small as one drop of water per minute—and other vulnerabilities.

Designed by plumbing and tech industry professionals, Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff is installed on the main water supply line of the home. You can see live water use through the Moen Smart Water app, including water flow rates, pressure, and even temperature. If the Smart Water Shutoff detects an issue (e.g. high pressure, freezing water, or a small leak), a water sensor alarm will alert you through the app to assess the issue before it causes costly damage. If there is a catastrophic failure, like a burst pipe, you will be alerted in the app allowing you to shut the water off remotely—no matter where you are. If you fail to respond to the alert or are on vacation, the device can be set to automatically shut off water to help limit damage and loss.

The smart water app notifies you of abnormalities to remotely turn off the water from the Moen Smart Water App, or the device can be set to automatically close the valve to help prevent catastrophic damage. In addition to leaks, the device will notify you if it senses a fixture has been left on or if temperatures have dipped too low and pipes are at risk of freezing. The app is free, with no fees or subscriptions required. Should the Wi-Fi connection be lost, the device will still protect the home as it stores the latest learnings locally, allowing it to continue safeguarding the home until a Wi-Fi connection has been restored.

Everything needed for installation is included in the box. Professional installation is recommended and takes just a few hours when the home meets installation requirements.

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AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF: Learns your home’s water usage patterns to identify abnormalities like running water or small leaks and will automatically turn off water to prevent damage
REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS: The device monitors your home’s water, sending you app, phone call and email alerts for potential leaks whether you’re at home or away
APP-BASED CONTROL: Proactively control your water from anywhere using the Moen Smart Water Network App for added protection
OPTIMIZE: FloSense technology enhances the device’s security parameters and optimizes water savings by understanding the home’s water use and tailoring protection accordingly
INSTALLATION INFORMATION: Everything needed for installation is included in box, and professional installation is recommended
COMPATIBLE WITH: Moen Smart Water Shutoff devices are compatible with, Ring, Google Assistant, and NICE
SIZE: Model 900-001 fits 3/4-Inch to 1-1/4 Inch pipe diameter (consult a professional)

Customers say

Customers like the educational value of the water dispenser. They say the app is very informative and useful in making sure the home is secure. They also appreciate the thorough usage reports. However, some customers have reported issues with the quality and water usage. They mention that the device is of low quality and has many errors. Customers also have mixed opinions on shutoff, connectivity, leakage, and value.

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