Mac OS Shortcuts Sticker 2024, Afterplug Keyboard Command Vinyl Sticker, Only for Space Gray, Silver & Starlight MacBook Pro Air, No Residue (Clear with Black Letters, 2-Pack)

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Product Description

Afterplug Keyboard Shortcuts Vinyl StickerAfterplug Keyboard Shortcuts Vinyl Sticker

Discover the Sticker You Never Knew You Needed – Elevate Your Mac OS Efficiency with Afterplug Keyboard Shortcuts.

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For All AgesFor All Ages

Premium QualityPremium Quality

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Quick Installation Guide

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Exclusive CompatibilityExclusive Compatibility

Choosing the right stickerChoosing the right sticker

【Residue-Free & Enhanced Durability】Experience a seamless sticker application with our premium-quality stickers. Resistant to scratches, water, and tears, they boast robust adhesive strength coupled with effortless removal, ensuring no residue is left behind.
【Enhanced Readability】Improve productivity with clearer print and layout, facilitating easy understanding of over 50 shortcuts. Elevate your workflow with quick and accurate key identification, reducing the risk of errors. (Note: Choose our black sticker with white letters or any opaque sticker for better visibility on Midnight MacBook Air and Space Black MacBook Pro.)
【Convenience, Efficiency & Practicality】Effortlessly access important keyboard shortcuts, enhancing your computer proficiency and streamlining your workflow. Suitable for all ages and skill levels, these stickers are perfect for home and office use, also making them an ideal gift for friends and colleagues.
【Usage Instructions】Avoid applying stickers on dusty, sticky, wet, textured, or meshed surfaces. Peel and fold the paper backing in half, gradually applying the sticker while smoothing out air bubbles. Conveniently stored in a clear bag with an insert card, these stickers are ready for use whenever needed.
【Size Compatibility】Exclusively designed for 13-16 inch MacBook Air and Pro models, compatible with Mac operating systems like Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave. *Note: Not suitable for MacBook Models smaller than 13 inches.

Customers like the usefulness, ease of use, appearance and quality of the sticker decal. For example, they mention it’s super helpful, easy to follow and provides a convenient, easy-to-read cheatsheet for Mac commands.

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