Linksys Velop Pro 7 WiFi Mesh System | Three Cognitive Tri-Band routers | 10 Gbps Speeds | 9,000 sq. ft. Coverage| Connect 200+ Devices | 3 Pack MBE7003 | 2023 Release Review

Price: $899.99 - $599.99
(as of Jun 22, 2024 15:04:05 UTC – Details)

Linksys Velop Pro 7, powered by groundbreaking Wi-Fi 7 technology, delivers more than double the speed of Wi-Fi 6. That’s not just an upgrade, it’s a revolution.​
Experience the future with Linksys Cognitive Mesh – an intelligent, self-optimizing wireless system that goes beyond traditional WiFi. Enjoy superior coverage, faster speeds, and seamless user experience.

Key Features:
1. Better Performance in High-Density Environments
Cognitive Mesh technology detects interference and congestion, smartly allocating devices to less crowded frequencies. Say goodbye to slowdowns and enjoy a consistent and reliable connection, even in heavy traffic.

2. Gaming and Streaming Perfection
Unleash the power of the 6GHz band with expanded 160MHz channels. Advanced QoS prioritizes gaming for seamless battles and optimal streaming performance.

3. Tri‑Band System and Gigabit Speeds:
– 2.4GHz up to 600 Mbps (2 spatial steams @ 40MHz channel)
– 5GHz up to 4324Mbps (2 spatial streams @ 240MHz channel)
– 6GHz up to 5765Mbps (2 spatial streams @320MHz channel)

4. Easily Expandable Coverage
Each Velop Pro 7 node covers up to 3,000 sq. ft. or 1–3-bedroom houses and supports 200+ devices. Add more Cognitive Mesh nodes in hard-to-reach areas to conveniently expand coverage as your needs grow.

5. Enhanced Network Security
Elevate security with WPA3, domain-based & MAC address blocking. Real-time threat detection via Cognitive Mesh ensures a robust network, safeguarding your data and privacy with confidence.

6. Linksys Respects Your Privacy
With Linksys, your app usage and online activity remain untouched – no tracking, no cookies, and no data sharing or selling for marketing purposes.

Support & Warranty
Enjoy an extended 3.5 Year Warranty and 24/7 Tech Support.
COGNITIVE MESH – For optimal performance, Set-up the Cognitive Mesh node as the Parent Node (connected to the modem) and Intelligent Mesh Nodes as child nodes

SUPER FAST SPEED & SAVES BATTERY LIFE – WiFi 7 provides 2.4X faster WiFi than WiFi 6** for seamless streaming of multiple 8K/4K videos, lag-free online gaming, and lightning-fast downloads, all while conserving your device’s battery life.
CUTTING EDGE WIFI 7 – Wi-Fi 7 technology provides enhanced capacity, reduced latency, and improved efficiency on your home network for faster speeds and reliable connections.​
NO MORE WIFI DEAD SPOTS – Say goodbye to WiFi dead spots regardless of size, shape or build of your home. Covers up to 9000 sq. ft. or 1-3 bedroom houses and connects up to 200+ devices.
LIGHTNING-FAST SETUP – Get online in less than 10 minutes – simply plug in the Velop Pro 7, and our user-friendly App will effortlessly guide you through the setup. ​
FAMILY ONLINE SAFETY – Keep your family protected with built-in safe browsing (no subscription needed) and set internet bedtime schedules for your kids. Enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re exploring the web safely.​
YOUR PRIVACY, YOUR CHOICE – Linksys prioritizes your privacy. Our product does not track your browsing data, app usage, online activities, or collect your data for AI. ​
CONTINUOUSLY CARING FOR OUR PLANET- Eco-Conscious Design: 60% recycled plastic, 60% recycled paper and environment friendly soya ink used in the packaging, 100% recyclable aluminum, and 100% foam free.​
COGNITIVE MESH – For optimal performance, Set-up the Cognitive Mesh node as the Parent Node (connected to the modem) and Intelligent Mesh Nodes as child nodes
WORLD-CLASS LINKSYS CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Any questions? Our expert wifi troubleshooters are ready to help by phone in the US at +1-800-326-7114
AMAZON EXCLUSIVE – Desgined in California with over 35 Years of Networking Experience. Includes an 42 month extended warranty

Customers like the appearance and coverage of the router. For example, they mention it’s sleek and subtle, with great coverage. That said, some complain about connectivity issues and the nodes randomly disconnecting. Opinions are mixed on ease of setup and performance.

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