Linksys Multi-gig Micro Mesh WiFi 6 System | Connect 100+ Devices | Up to 5,000 Sq Ft | Speeds of up to 3.0 Gbps | 3Pk | No App Required | 2024 Release Review

Price: ($66.66 / Item)
(as of Jun 21, 2024 23:43:32 UTC – Details)

No More Dead Zones: The Ultimate Mesh Solution
Seamless Whole-Home Coverage
Eliminate WiFi dead zones with the Linksys Velop Micro 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System. Our top-tier mesh routers for wireless internet extend your WiFi across 5000 sq. ft., a stellar choice among WiFi mesh extenders, ensuring every area of your home has reliable access.

Unrivaled Speed and Performance
Experience unparalleled internet with WiFi 6 Mesh System speeds up to 3Gbps. Our mesh WiFi system supports all your online activities without interruption, a significant upgrade from traditional wireless routers for home WiFi.

Future-Proof Networking
Invest in technology that grows with you. Our WiFi mesh system for home includes a multi-gigabit internet port, preparing your network for future internet upgrades. Embrace advanced technology with our mesh WiFi 6 system, ensuring your network stays ahead.

Effortless Setup and Privacy
Quick setup meets comprehensive privacy. We prioritize your security, offering a WiFi mesh network system without tracking. Built-in safety features make this the ideal choice for family-friendly internet access.

Expandable and Elegant
Easily add nodes to extend coverage. Our stylish design ensures your WiFi router enhances your home’s aesthetics while delivering top performance. Experience safe, reliable connectivity with our unmatched home mesh WiFi system.

The Linksys Micro 6 Mesh is the most affordable multi-gig WiFi system we’ve ever built, delivering premium performance. Enjoy blazing-fast speeds and seamless coverage without compromising your budget.”
NO APP NECESSARY – Busy homes need quick & easy WiFi; Step up to mobile app-free Mesh and get online faster.
NO PERSONAL INFO NEEDED – Set up your mesh WiFi without sharing personal info or creating an account.
NO SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED – Effortlessly manage your router, keep your family protected with built-in safe browsing, and set internet bedtime schedules for your kids – free of charge.
EFFORTLESS SETUP – Our superfast setup allows you to upgrade your internet access in less than 10 minutes; Set parental controls and create guest networks with just a few taps on any device; Linksys Velop works with any internet service provider modem
MULTI-GIGABIT INTERNET CAPABLE – Futureproof your network with this Micro 6 Mesh Router for home with a built-in 2.5G internet port; Ensure your router won’t bottleneck your future upgrades
ELIMINATE WIFI DEAD SPOTS – The Micro 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi System goes beyond the traditional WiFi extenders, creating a seamless reliable home WiFi connection for up to 5000 sq. ft. without buffering or drops
YOUR PRIVACY, YOUR CHOICE – Linksys prioritizes your privacy; We do not track your app usage or online activity; Our products and apps don’t use tracking cookies, and we don’t share or sell your info for marketing purposes or collect your data for AI
SEAMLESS 4K STREAMING & MORE – With this mesh WiFi system, you can enjoy seamless 4K/UHD streaming, flawless video conferences, lag-free gaming, light-speed downloads, and uninterrupted FaceTime or video chat – all at once
SLEEK AND ELEGANT DESIGN – The router and nodes are designed to blend into your home decor, ensuring you experience the best of both worlds: stunning design and unparalleled connectivity, as WiFi routers perform best when they’re out in the open
AMAZON EXCLUSIVE – Designed in California with over 35 Years of Networking Experience. Includes an 18 month extended warranty

Customers like the coverage, ease of setup, and performance of the router. For example, they say it has increase consistent coverage, it can be set up either wirelessly or wired, and it works smoothly. That said, opinions are mixed on speed and protection.

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