KLIM Unity Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set US – New 2024 – Slim Durable Ergonomic Mechanical Feel – Backlit Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for PC Mac PS4 PS5 – Long-Lasting Built-in Battery

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We are a self-funded company that started in 2015 from the ground up and is now one of the top choices for electronics worldwide. Tired of companies not backing their products after making the sale, we set on a mission to change that. Our success has been driven by an extreme obsession for customers’ satisfaction. For YOUR satisfaction. We take pride in our exceptional after-sales support so that you can always depend on us, no matter the circumstances. Millions of customers around the world already enjoy our products, knowing they’ve made the right decision. It’s time for you to join them!

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KLIM Unity, wireless mouse and keyboardKLIM Unity, wireless mouse and keyboard

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When it comes to wireless peripherals, the main concern is often about having a longer response time and lower reactivity. With the KLIM Unity you will quickly forget it is a wireless keyboard and mouse as you will be surprised by their execution speed, comparable to their wired counterparts. It has a very low response time making it one of the best-performing keyboard and mouse sets in its category!


The wireless keyboard is equipped with multi-coloured backlighting in several distinct zones. It is perfect in the dark, with each key glowing intensely so you can see them clearly. You can also notice the backlighting during the day: the keyboard will shine on your desktop.

If you prefer a more serious setting, you can reduce its brightness or simply switch off the backlighting with the press of a button. The keyboard’s energy-saving mode will temporarily turn off the backlighting after 2 minutes of idle time in order to extend its battery life.


This keyboard is extremely comfortable and offers very precise keystrokes, ideal for work or gaming. You will quickly gain typing speed, which is a considerable time-saver in the long run. The wireless mouse is equipped with a precise optical sensor so that it tracks your movements perfectly. You can choose among three DPI settings to adjust its speed on the go.

gaming keyboard,wireless keyboard and mouse uk,wireless keyboard,usb keyboard,mac keyboardgaming keyboard,wireless keyboard and mouse uk,wireless keyboard,usb keyboard,mac keyboard

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The KLIM Tandem is the perfect wireless gaming setup. Both keyboard and mouse offer excellent response and long-lasting batteries. Get rid of those inconvenient cables and enjoy your newly-found wireless freedom. Great precision and long-lasting battery life for all your gaming needs. This huge mousepad will take center stage on your setup, giving you both an excellent surface for your mouse to glide on, and multiple colors and effects to match your gaming gear. Soft to the touch, the KLIM Mousepad gives you the best surface for your mouse to glide, so you’ll always be pinpoint accurate.

✅ TOTAL WIRELESS FREEDOM. Get rid of inconvenient cables cluttering your desk with the KLIM Unity. This keyboard and mouse set features a single USB port that connects both devices to your computer for maximum convenience. Thanks to its latest technology, you’ll have great response times on both wireless mouse and keyboard, and you’ll be able to use them up to 10 meters away. ⚠️ IMPORTANT: the USB receiver is located underneath the mouse.
✅ GREAT MOUSE FOR EVERYDAY USE. With an ergonomic grip, antiskid flanks, precise sensor & DPI adjustment, the wireless mouse included in the set covers all your needs. Its symmetric design makes it excellent for both right-handed and left-handed users. *Side buttons on one side only.
✅ HIGH PERFORMANCE + QUICK TYPING. This wireless keyboard is among the very best available on the market thanks to its super fast response time and hybrid keys. It combines the best of mechanical keyboards without any of the excessive noise. This model also has a special Function key so you can access many useful shortcuts such as volume control directly on your keyboard.
✅ BUILT TO LAST + EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE. The KLIM Unity keyboard features a metal frame that makes it extremely resistant. Keyboard and mouse have a lifetime of over ten million clicks each, so you can hold on to them for the next decade. Unlike other wireless equipment, this keyboard and mouse combo features a long-lasting built-in battery so you won’t have to spend a dime on replaceable ones! Simply charge it with the supplied USB cable.
✅ AN INVESTMENT + GREAT VALUE + SOLID WARRANTY. You spend hours on your computer everyday, typing away. This keyboard set gives incredible value for its price, so you can improve your productivity and gaming experience without breaking the bank. At KLIM we are very confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer you a 5-year warranty! It is a risk free purchase. Our Customer Service team is also at your disposal and will answer within 24 hours.

Customers like the appearance of the keyboard mouse set, mentioning it looks good, has a sleek and simple design, and feels amazing. They also like the ease of setup. However, some customers have reported issues with durability, saying the battery dies with no warning and does not last long. They disagree on performance, quality, sturdiness, and charge.

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