How To Reply Have A Nice Day – Best Responses in 2024

The statement “Have a Nice Day” is very common in the English language. How do you have a nice day reply? Well, I’m going to tell you.

You may hear this statement if you’re in a customer service atmosphere. Let’s explore how to “reply to have a nice day” in a friendly way.

For example, you may hear this sentence when you leaving a restaurant, a store, or some other business.

Usually, you hear this statement when leaving a place that has offered you services or where you’ve made a purchase.

The person at the desk, the cashier, or the person on the phone might say, “Have a nice day,” “Have a great day,” or “Have a good day.”

Here Are 10 Best “Have A Nice Day” Reply

How to reply Have a nice day wish
How to reply Have a nice day wish

How do you respond to this phrase? Well, here are a few different ways you can use for “Have a nice day reply.”

  1. You too!
  2. Thank You as well and don’t forget to smile!
  3. You’re so sweet, Thank you so much!
  4. Thanks, same too you!
  5. Thank you! You’re so kind!
  6. May your day be as beautiful as you are!
  7. Thanks, have a nice one!
  8. Likewise!
  9. Thank You! You’re a very nice person
  10. Thank You so much! Nice to meet you.

These responses are different ways to respond when someone wishes you a nice day. They’re all about being thankful and returning the kindness in a friendly way.

You too!

“You too!” is the quickest way to “Have a nice day reply.” This is the simplest and easiest way to show gratitude and kindness in response to someone.

This phrase indicates that you are a very nice and friendly person. You can also add the name of the person after this phrase. For example:

You too, Jack

You too, Sarah

You too, Ali

Thank You as well and don’t forget to smile!

The meaning is the same as the first phrase to say back with kind words but add some extra and attractive words like don’t forget to smile make the conversation more friendly.

The phrase “Thank you as well, and don’t forget to smile!” is a polite and friendly way of expressing gratitude and encouraging someone to remember to smile.

It acknowledges the thanks given by the other person and adds a reminder to maintain a positive attitude or outlook by smiling.

This “Have a nice day reply” combines gratitude with a gentle reminder to embrace positivity by smiling.

You’re so sweet, Thank you so much!

This means that you are been sweet to him or her. It shows that you are a very lovely and friendly type of personality. You appreciate the person with a warm response.

The person will be more comfortable talking and meeting with you next time when you reply “You’re so sweet, Thank you so much”. You will become good friends definitely when you respond with these kinds of words. It’s generally a great compliment. This is a very great and kind gesture.

Thanks, same too you!

This phrase is used to answer back to someone who has responded to wish the same thing with appreciation. This is the formal way to respond to “Have a nice day”. The text “same to you” is not correct.

The reason: “Too” is another way to respond to “as well” or “also” and it is usually found at the end of a sentence. The correct way is “Same too you” which makes sense and has proper meaning.

For example, someone wishes you a Happy New Year so you can respond with Thanks May this year be full of enjoyment, happiness, and success lastly you can simply say Same too you!

I hope you can easily understand the meaning of “Thanks Same too you” and how to use this text.

Thank you! You’re so kind!

Thank you! You’re so kind!” is a way to express appreciation to someone for their helpfulness, or any other act of kindness.

May your day be as beautiful as you are!

May your day be as beautiful as you are is a way to express gratitude to someone for their beautiful heart and friendliness. This phrase shows that the other person has a positive mind. It’s the way to give respect to another person.

Thanks have a nice one!

Thanks have a nice one! is another way to give respect. You can also use this phrase when someone asks you to have a nice or great day. This is the more authentic response for a great day too.


Likewise! Means “in the same manner” or “in the same way” to respond to someone. There are some synonyms of Likewise are also, too, as well, etc. You can also use “likewise” when someone expresses appreciation or thanks to you.

Thank You! You’re a very nice person

It might not be suitable to say to someone, “Cool” or “You Rock” so simply ask Thank You! You are a very nice person is a more formal way to express your gratitude.

Thank You so much! Nice to meet you.

This is the perfect response to have a nice day. Thank you so much! Nice to meet you is the most straightforward response. This is a more attractive and best reply when a person sends you an E-mail. It makes a good impression on the reader whether he is your boss or any other person.


Our response to “Have a nice day” might seem small, but it can bring joy to both people. Choosing the right and friendly response spreads positivity and makes our conversations better.

So, next time you hear this wish, respond in a nice way that brightens someone’s day!

I hope this article is really helpful for you and gives some value.

Best of Luck! and don’t forget to comment and share this article with your friends.

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