ecobee Smart Sensor 2 Pack – Comfort, Security, Energy Savings – Smart Home – Compatible with ecobee Smart Thermostats for Home Review

Price: $99.00
(as of Jun 21, 2024 04:49:49 UTC – Details)

SmartSensor provides comfort to you and your family in the rooms that matter most while saving you energy and money. Through infrared technology, SmartSensor detects when a room is occupied and communicates that information wirelessly to your smart thermostat from up to a range of 60 feet prompting automatic temperature adjustments for comfort.
Knows when a room is occupied and communicates the temperature to your ecobee smart thermostat from up to a range of 60 ft, through walls and floors. This prompts your thermostat to make temperature adjustments ensuring comfort.
Place SmartSensor in your bedroom and say goodbye to those moments that are either too hot or too cold throughout the night.
Understands your household comings and goings, saving energy and saving you money by not heating or cooling an empty home.
You’ll be able to see the temperature difference and occupancy in particular parts of your home and adjust right from the ecobee app for maximum comfort.
Installation is quick and easy. Place your SmartSensor, magnetically and wirelessly, at least 5ft above the floor on its satin-steel stand or on any wall using the self-adhesive wall mounting brackets
It can detect unexpected motion. When Smart Security is armed, you get real-time alerts on the ecobee app, so you know what’s happening at home when you’re not there. *Requires ecobee Smart Security subscription.

Customers say

Customers like the accuracy, detection, and ease of setup of the motion detector device. They mention that it’s great at averaging the temperatures, and that it does a great job of controlling temperature through the house. They appreciate the performance, and comfort. However, some customers report issues with the battery life, value, and connectivity.

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