C40 2K Video Conference Webcam with Microphone and Speaker, 120°Ultra Wide Angle, AI Auto Framing, 5X Zoom, FHD Webcam 4 Noise Cancelling Mics,16ft Voice Pickup, for Zoom/Skype/Teams

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Product Description


Immerse yourself in professional video quality with the 2K lens featuring a premium 5MP CMOS sensor.

Noise cancelling microphone

4 built-in mics offer an impressive 360° coverage and an extended voice pickup radius of up to 16ft.


The Hi-Fi integrated conference speaker can clearly broadcast the voice of the remote participants.

120 degree FOV

120° FOV allows for a more inclusive and immersive experience ensuring all participants are visible.

Multiple Mounting Options

You can place the webcam directly on a table or on a stand or tripod due to the 1/4” thread.

1 Premium 2K CMOS Sensor 2 4-MEMS-Microphone-Array 3 Premium Speaker 4 120° Ultra Wide Angle 5 Multiple Mounting Options

Auto-Framing AI-Powered Auto-Framing Technology

The video conference camera can detect the participants in its field of view and automatically adjusts to keep everyone in the best framing position.

5X Zooming Up to 5X Zooming with the Remote Control

The zoom function helps focus on specific important details or individuals, providing flexibility during hybrid work like online meetings, presentations, or discussions.

Pan & tilt Pan & Tilt after Zooming

Enabling pan and tilt after zooming with the arrow keys on the remote control provides users with precise control over the visual focus.

Privacy control Enterprise-Grade Security Controls

Swiftly disabling the camera and muting the microphones on the conference webcam provides an essential privacy safeguard.

NearSync Nuroum NearSync for Tailored Configuration

In NearSync, you can effortlessly customize parameters and update the device firmware to suit your preferences. Please visit NUROUM’s official website to download NearSync!

4 Noise Reduction Mics

The conference webcam is empowered by a cutting-edge 4-element omnidirectional microphone array and bolstered by advanced compressed neural network technology, our system excels in suppressing background noise, eliminating bothersome echoes, and accentuating voices. This ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction even in bustling environments, guaranteeing an unparalleled auditory experience, regardless of volume levels.

5m/16ft Voice Pickup

With its meticulously engineered full-duplex speaker, our computer camera delivers pristine communication, accommodating up to 15 offline participants within a 5m/16ft radius from the base. This ensures that every voice is heard with clarity and precision, fostering seamless interactions even in larger gatherings.

Plug & Play

Our USB conference camera boasts a driver-free design, providing a hassle-free plug-and-play experience with just a single USB cable. Setting up the device is incredibly user-friendly, ensuring effortless installation for users of all skill levels.


How do I activate and deactivate the auto framing function?

You can enable or disable the AI framing function using either the touch button located on the top of the conference camera or the remote control.

Is it necessary to download and install NUROUM NearSync on my PC before using the C40 video conference webcam?

No, the webcam has a plug-and-play feature. No additional software or driver required. However, we recommend using NearSync upon receipt to update to the latest firmware version (V1. for optimized image and audio performance.

How can I disable noise cancellation? I’m a Yoga teacher and need background music for my courses.

Currently, the option to disable noise cancellation is not available. However, our team is actively working on releasing a new firmware that will include this feature to better suit your needs.

Is the power adapter required for using the all-in-one conference webcam?

No, the power adapter is optional and is primarily used to enhance the speaker volume. Upon plugging in the power adapter, the speaker’s power increases from 1.5W to 3W for an elevated audio experience.

What should I do if the webcam is not recognized by my PC?

If the round light is ON, please write to us for further assistance or to request a replacement. If the light is OFF, try using another USB cable.

If the issue persists, ask for support and, if necessary, request a replacement.

NUROUM All-in-one Conference Webcam

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Max Resolution



17.7-51.2 inches/45-130 cm





Field of View







Non-Distortion Lens



Zoom Capability

X5 digital zoom

X5 digital zoom




X5 optical zoom

Noise Cancelling Mics

Effective Pickup Distance








USB-A & Type-C

USB-A & Type-C

USB-A & Type-C


USB-A & Type-C

USB-A & Power Adapter

【All-in-one Webcam for Conference Room】The NUROUM C40 video conference system combines a 120° ultra-wide-angle camera with a 5MP premium CMOS sensor, delivering 2K@30fps and 1080p@60fps images. Equipped with 4 AI noise-canceling microphones and a premium high-fidelity loudspeaker, it ensures high-quality video and audio clarity for online meetings, presentations, and discussions, suitable for corporate teams.
【Built-in optimized Speaker & Noise Reduction Mics】Featuring an optimized full-duplex speaker, the computer camera ensures clear communication for up to 15 offline participants within 16ft from the base. The 4-element omnidirectional microphone array, enhanced by compressed neural network technology, suppresses background noise, cancels echoes, and highlights voices, providing distortionless sound even in high-volume scenarios.
【AI-Powered Auto Framing & 5X Zooming】The C40 conference camera employs self-developed face recognition technology for precise framing of single and multiple participants. With automatic frame adjustment as more participants join, it keeps everyone in the optimal position. Additionally, the camera offers up to 5x zooming capacity, allowing users to focus on essential details with remote control.
【Easy Setup & Enterprise-Grade Privacy Protection】The USB webcam is driver-free, offering a hassle-free plug-and-play experience with a single USB cable (a power adapter is provided for increased speaker volume). The remote control and top buttons provide convenient options to turn off the camera and mute the microphones. The round light ring displays the real-time status, ensuring user privacy is always under control.
【Diverse Compatibility & Tailored Configuration】Compatible with desktop or laptop computers running Windows, macOS, Linux, or ChromeOS, the conference camera works seamlessly with popular VC platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Hangouts, GoToMeeting and more. The NUROUM NearSync application facilitates firmware updates and allows customization of image settings such as brightness and saturation, available for both Windows and MacOS on NUROUM’s official website.

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