Bigger Than You: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Building An Unstoppable Team

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Build a record breaking, world class team that maximizes your profitability and increases your freedom as an entrepreneur.

I’ve led teams that drove 100s of millions of dollars in sales, while working in my corporate career. Only to find that the world of entrepreneurship didn’t view building teams the same way the corporate world did.

However, I knew that without a team in place, you can’t truly scale your company. You can make sales, you can market, you can serve, but without a team, you will be severely limited in the way your company is able to grow.

So, after building my coaching company to over 8-figures in annual revenue, I set out to write a book that demystified the process of building a team that is profitable, a team that makes the dream possible.

Which is how Bigger Than You was born.

Building a team doesn’t have to be such a massive struggle. In fact, when you understand key leadership principles and how to set your team up for success, you will be amazed at how quickly your team drives growth.

In Bigger Than You: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building an Unstoppable Team you will learn:

Why your resistance to building a team is keeping you stuckHow to overcome your own limiting beliefsHow to make strategic hiresWhy your team is the key to entrepreneurial freedomThe difference between a team of contractors and a team of employeesWhy duct-taping your team together with a million contractors is hurting youHow to structure roles in your company for maximum impactWhy your team isn’t all in and how to get them on board with the visionThe damaging cycle of hiring-firing-burn out cycle most entrepreneurs find themselves inBuilding systems that make onboarding easyUnderstanding red flags in the hiring processClarity and communication that lead to your ultimate freedomWhy you are still broke after hiring a teamOptimizing your teams contributions to the bottom lineIncreasing productivity and creating a culture of contributionHow to increase your profit margins while building out your teamThe 4x method for measuring team performanceCreating repeatable systems that make getting employees profitable easyBecoming the leader your company needs for growthRemoving yourself as the bottleneck in your companyStepping into the role of CEOUnderstanding how to get the most out of each employeesThe 6 pillars of leadership that every entrepreneur needs to grow their companyCreating your path to freedom by building a winning teamHow to start stepping back and letting your team fly

If you are an entrepreneur who wants REAL freedom WHILE scaling a business to 10’s of millions of dollars, the quality of your team and their effectiveness will determine the quality of your life, your company’s growth rate, and your ultimate freedom. Bigger Than You is THE book for entrepreneurs who want to step into the role of leadership to build a truly profitable dream team.

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bigger than youbigger than you

bigger than youbigger than you

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Core Concepts
How To Scale Your Team How to launch your offers online – for free – from your phone 9 Principles for Success in all areas of your life How to become the go-to authority in your space

You’ll Also Learn
How to turn your team into profit producers, The 4x Method to hold team members accountable, how to lead top performers How to generate leads, position your offer so it’s irresistable, and build a brand as you are making sales How to develop the mindset required for unstoppable growth in any environment, how to overcome your own obstacles and get out of your own way How to attract dream clients and become the most sought after leader in your industry

Who is This Book Perfect For?
Experienced entrepreneurs who want more freedom in their life and business and more profits in their pocket Newbie entrepreneurs starting their business online New entrepreneurs and side hustlers working hard to make their goals a reality Entrepreneurs

This Book Is Also For
Small business owners operating brick and mortar or local businesses Experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale their business with group offers or services, online and those who want to sell to many without the overwhelm of traditional launch strategies Corporate professionals, career-oriented leaders Speakers, authors, corporate leaders building online brands

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bigger than youbigger than you

Publisher ‏ : ‎ CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 25, 2018)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 156 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 172758726X
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1727587265
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