Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 8 Rotating & 4 Standard Outlets – 8ft Sturdy Extension Cord w/ Flat Pivot Plug for Home, Office, Travel, Desktop & Charging Brick – 4320 Joules of Protection Review

Price: $41.99
(as of Jun 21, 2024 14:19:01 UTC – Details)

This 4320-Joule surge protector features 12 surge protected outlets to provide powerful protection for your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems and everyday household electronics. 8 of these outlets rotate, providing extra room for large AC adapters and charger bricks. An efficient cord-management system helps keep all your cables organized, all while sporting an 8 foot long heavy duty extension cord for a secure and durable wall connection.
FULL SPECS: 6,000 volts maximum spike voltage, 15A AC (4 stationary outlets, and 8 rotating outlets), 125V, 1875W, and 150K Hz – 100M Hz EMI/RFI Noise Filter.
SURGE PROTECTION SAFETY: If a surge protector ever becomes hot to the touch, shut off the unit immediately. Never daisy-chain power strips to other power strips or extension cords, nor allow a power strip to be exposed to a moist environment. Avoid running too many high-energy consuming appliances through a single surge protector at once. Only one power strip should be plugged into a single two-outlet electrical socket. Never cover a surge protector with carpet, furniture, or anything that would limit or prevent air circulation.
MULTI-OUTLET SURGE PROTECTOR: Turn 1 outlet into 12 surge-protected AC outlets with a compact power extension cord with 8-foot cable. Get power to multiple computing devices and peripherals, from iPhones, tablets and smartphones to laptops and projectors.
COMPACT, SPACE-SAVING PIVOT OUTLETS: Designed with 8 rotating outlets and 4 widely spaced stationary outlets, as well as an efficient cord-management system to provides you with a clutter-free desk and all-day power.
SAFEGUARD YOUR DEVICES & APPLIANCES: This extender has been run through extensive testing to ensure your expensive computers, monitors, hard drives, home theaters, and other appliances are protected by 4,320 joules of overcurrent and overload protection.
SAFETY LIGHT INDICATOR: This convenient surge protector features a safety indicator light to put your mind at ease while charging. The “Protected” indicator light lets you know your equipment is secure or if your outlet needs to be readjusted.
RELIABLE SURGE PROTECTOR: Secure your electronic devices from overload, short circuit, power spikes, lightning strikes, or fluctuations. Plus, you can purchase with confidence as it is protected by $300,000 Connected Equipment Warranty.

Customers like the ease of use, outlets and value of the power strip. They mention that the rotating plugs make it incredibly versatile, and the ability to rotate the outside sockets to fit more sizes of bricks makes it well worth what it costs. Customers also appreciate the quality, saying that it’s well made and solid. They also appreciate its great design, saying it’ll protect your electronics.

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