2024 Latest Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter 2 in 1 Auto Connect Box, Supports Online Updates Wired to Wireless for Cars from 2015 & iPhone iOS 10+

Price: $74.99 - $39.99
(as of Jun 11, 2024 13:18:00 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Wireless portable design Plug and PlayWireless portable design Plug and Play

Please note: It cannot be used in cars without built-in wired Carplay functionality.

Please ensure that your car has built-in wired Carplay.

Wireless Carplay Android Auto Dongle AdapterWireless Carplay Android Auto Dongle Adapter

Wireless Carplay DongleWireless Carplay Dongle

Wireless Android Auto AdapterWireless Android Auto Adapter

Use original car controllerUse original car controller

How to set up wireless Android AutoHow to set up wireless Android Auto

How to set up wireless Android AutoHow to set up wireless Android Auto

【Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter】: Upgrade your car with our 2-in-1 wireless adapter – the newest in car tech! Easily switch your wired CarPlay/Android Auto to wireless, getting rid of messy cables. Let you use music, make calls, use GPS, mirror your phone, talk to Siri. Say goodbye to dealing with USB ports!
【Tiny and Stylish Design】: Upgrade your car’s look with our sleek car adapter (2′ X 1 inch Length/Width). It’s small and light, fitting into your car without taking up much space. It comes with a USB to USB-C adapter, making it work with different car ports.
【Swift Data Transmission】: Enjoy speedy 5.8 GHz WiFi for Android Auto Carplay Wireless. It lets you easily use your favorite maps, music, and messaging apps on your car screen. Great for navigation on road trips, turning your phone into a wireless car GPS.
【Plug & Play】:Our Plug and Play Wireless Carplay & Android Auto adapter is super easy. It doesn’t need extra drivers, apps, or complicated upgrades. Once you set it up, it connects to Android Auto wirelessly every time you start your car.
【Drive with Less Hassle:】: Keep your phone in your pocket and enjoy a neater driving experience. The small unit can be hidden or mounted easily. Forget about dealing with wires and worrying about leaving your phone in the car.

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